Grand Master: Doggy Style
Joint Master: Knockout Neptune
Hash Cash: Minnie Me
Web Master: Snakebite
Hasherdash: Drunken Donut
Ambassador-at-Large:  Wide Open

From earlier years

Grand Master: Kristyn "Wide Open"
Trailmaster: KC "Boobalube"
Hash Cash: Osama "Minnie Me"
Web Master: Mike "Snakebite"
Hasherdash: Eric "Donut"
Ambassador-at-Large:  Mike "Whoremonger"

Grand Master: Mike "Whoremonger"
Trailmaster: Bob "Arakie"
Hash Cash: Yannick "U-Bastard"
Web Master: Mike "Snakebite"
Hasherdash: Eric "Donut"
Ambassador-at-Large:  Nic "Leg Iron"


Grand Master – Nic “Leg Iron”
Joint Master/Haberdasher - Eric “Drunken Donut” 
Hash Cash - Yannick “U-Bastard” 
Trail Master - Clyde “Adorable Blue Balls” 
Web Master – Mike “Snakebite” 
Ambassador-at-Large:  Osama "Mini Me" 

2012-2013 (Original)
Grand Master: Osama “Sexy Beast” 
Web Nerd: Drew “Short Time”
Hash Cash: Clyde “Adorable Blue Balls” 
TrailMaster/Hash Haberdasher: Eric "Drunken Donut” 
Joint Master/Ambassador at Large: Tony “Ambrose” 

GRAND MASTER: Usually found in the circle welcoming visitors, interrogating returners (anyone who hasn’t run in awhile), and making sure that everyone gets their share of beer attention. Also, announces upcoming events and makes sure the moving parts are grinding along.

JOINT MASTER: Assistant to the GM, who takes over duties every time the GM is absent.

HASH CASH: Collecting the run fees. Doling out money to buy down down beer and other hash expenses. Maintaining run records.

TRAIL MASTER: Makes sure there is a run every week and that the directions are posted on the web by Web Master. Often observed with spread sheet in hand, waxing ardent about the rich rewards of haring.

WEB MASTER: Posts the hareline, weekly run directions, other info and write-ups and photos on the hash website

AMBASSADOR-AT-LARGE: Outgoing GM from the earlier year.