Guidelines for setting good BTH3 Runs…

Whether if you’ve set dozens of runs, or this is your first run, please take a few minutes to review these guidelines for setting a good BTH3 run. Although the Hash involves many things, the main goal is to have a nice, interesting run that is enjoyable and more fun than just running around the streets!  Good trails are also what keep the pack together -- both on the run and as a kennel.  If there are too many bad runs, people begin to lose interest in the club.  So please make the extra effort to set the best trail possible and ensure that everyone has a good time.  Your fellow hashers will appreciate it.

1. Choosing a good run start and finish location: 
  • Start & finish somewhere relatively quiet – avoid busy streets and major intersections:
  • Tip:  You don’t HAVE to finish in front of a 7-11 (or drink outlet); it is much better to find a quiet spot a few minutes walk to the drinks, rather than a noisy spot nearer to the store. 
  • Look for an open area where a group of about 40 can form a circle (without too much interruption).
  • In the monsoon season make sure there is some shelter.
  • Be considerate of neighbors and try to find a place where we won’t disturb others.
  • Choose a restaurant for the on-on near the finish.  Proximity is more important than quality.

2. Planning a good route:
  • Keep the run a reasonable distance:  6.5 to 8.5km is perfect.  
  • Stay on back streets and avoid traffic as much as possible. 
  • Use klongs, alleys, and pathways to keep the run interesting.
  • Avoid long stretches (more than 300 meters) down boring streets.
  • Try not to run under highways as there is a buildup of exhaust fumes.
  • Don’t be too obvious in your trail path: mix it up.  Go in directions that aren’t expected.
  • Don’t use too many loops or circular paths; it upsets runners and can easily mess up the trail.
  • Tip:  Most hares require 3-4 recces (exploring trips) for each trail in order to find the best route possible.

3. Marking your trail:
  • It’s best to use "shreddy" in the 'hole in the pole' generously, the pack knows where to look.  Drop it in bushes and on the ground where there are no poles.  Use plenty of paper – there is never too much.
  • If using chalk, stick to white chalk. Mark vertical surfaces so they don’t get rubbed out.
  • Be consistent with your marks – keep to the same side of the street, and clearly show when you cross roads or make turns.  Use double marks on both side of the street when crossing main roads.
  • Recce your trail after dark (when the hash will be running it) and check lighting.
  • Leave a generous handful of paper at each check for the FRB's to break checks for walkers.
  • The "on trail" following a check ("X") should be no further than 100m away.
  • In dark areas or open fields keep your marks very close; each 20m or so.
  • Be very careful in markets and other crowded areas as marks are easily lost or covered up.  Make sure the trail is heavily marked and try to keep the path obvious (avoid turns, checks, etc.) in these areas. 
  • In the monsoon season, use paper and double the usual markings.  Use chalk on vertical surfaces also.  Make many “X”s for checks. Think about whether your marks will survive a downpour!

(Update Oct-2014)

General Guidelines

Bangkok Thursday Hash was run for the first time on July 19, 2012. It attempts to adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Runs will be in the city of Bangkok, start at 6:30pm to accommodate working people, and begin and end within 1km of either a BTS or MRT station. Runs in the city are on pavement, no complaints about the trail, you know up front what to expect.
  • Everyone is invited to participate, however, only if you attempt to run or walk the trail.
  • Buy/bring your own beverage. We don’t want to encourage people to ‘get their money’s worth’ of beer because they pay a run fee. Drink one, drink six, it’s up to the individual. Runs will end at a bar, restaurant or shop where beer can be purchased. Down down beer will be provided by the hash. But fitness is our focus.
  • Hares will attempt to make one-hour running / walking trails. Circle will start either 15 minutes after the last walker returns or at 20:00, whichever comes first. Circle will end at 20:30. Carry on if you wish, with whomever you wish, wherever you wish. But for working people, it’s possible to be home by 21:00, we know Friday is still a weekday.
  • Runs will be held weekly, except when there is a Bangkok Full Moon Hash on a Friday. We want to offer a weekly hash, with a later start time, in the same vein as the Full Moon Hash. We are not looking to compete, but complement. If there is demand in the future to run every week, this idea might change.
  • If you have ideas to make this hash more fun, healthy or interesting, please speak to the committee.