Visitors are always welcome to Thursday hash runs, we love visitors, especially first timers (virgins). Here is a list of some things to know.

Official Bangkok Thursday Hash email address: bkkth3 at gmail dot com. Members will receive occasional information emails, but no newsletter/trash, as of now. Visitors and members can use the email address to ask questions and/or offer suggestions.

Bring a torch/flashlight as runs finish after dark. Expect trails to last about one hour, longer if you walk. May until November is monsoon season in Thailand, expect rain. Bring an umbrella and a change of clothing/shoes.

Run fees are 50 baht for everyone which will pay for down down beer ONLY.

There will be a one-time membership fee of 300 baht for those interested. Hashers who join will receive occasional members-only sponsored giveaways. Sponsored shirts, hats, shorts or other giveaways will only be ordered for members. If members do not attend a run, they do not get the giveaway and it becomes part of haberdash.

Beer – drink as little or as much as you want. Buy your own at a bar, restaurant, or shop where the run finishes. We try to find bars with extended happy hours, sometimes just for us.

Camera - bring it with a waterproof bag – there will usually be plenty of photo ops.

Checks – marked with an “X”. 360 degrees, 100 or so metres maximum to next paper.

Circle – The committee will run the circle. It will end at 8:30pm at which point hashers can carry on in whatever way they see fit.

Dress Code – hash gear – i.e. running clothes that can get dirty!

False trails – sometimes used and marked with an “FT”. Go back and find paper.

Marks - normally shredded paper on trails, chalk on concrete, walls or utility poles and the occasional use of flour, but it’s up to the hare(s) of the day

Off paper - generally on ahead or back, but should be treated as a check.

Run length – between 5 and 7 km, front runners are usually in after one hour

Start time - 18:30

Transport – runs should start and end within 1km of BTS (skytrain) or MRT (subway) stations. Google maps will show run starting points.

Virgins – virgin hashers are welcome – if none of this makes any sense, don’t worry, it doesn’t make any sense to most hashers either!

Walkers – no problem, there are always plenty of them

Water - bring water on the trail. It’s hot here. None is provided by the hash. Usually can be bought at the start, but stop at 7-11 along the way, just in case.